GST Return Filing

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GST Return Filing

What is GST Return Filing?

Goods and Service Tax law now governs the major portion of the indirect tax system in India. The suppliers registered under this regime need to fulfill the compliance requirement regularly. Based on the turnover and the activities, the requirements and period of filing returns are prescribed under law. With online GST return filing, the taxpayers intimate the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) about the inflow and outflow of supplies including the amount of tax paid and collected. While recording the taxable transactions with Government, the taxpayer is also required to pay the amount of tax collected from an outward supplier of goods or services after the deduction of Input Tax Credit (ITC).

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Types of GST Return

Return Form Particulars Frequency
GSTR 1 Details of outward supplies of goods and services Monthly/Quarterly
GSTR 3B summary of outward supplies along with Input Tax Credit is declared and payment of tax is affected by the taxpayer. Monthly
GSTR 5 Returns for a non-resident foreign taxable person Monthly
GSTR 6 Returns for an input service distributor Monthly
GSTR 7 Returns for authorities deducting TDS Monthly
GSTR 8 Details of supplies effected through the e-commerce operator and the amount of tax collected Monthly
GSTR 9 Annual return for a normal taxpayer Annually
GSTR 9A Annual return of a taxpayer registered under the composition levy anytime during the year Annually
GSTR 10 Final Return Only once when GST Registration
is cancelled or surrenderd
GSTR 11 Details of inward supplies to be furnished by a person having UIN and claiming a refund Monthly

Late Fees/Penalty for Failing to Filing the return on time


Nil Return

Rs. 6000

  • GSTR 1 Return
  • GSTR 3B Return
  • GSTR 9 Return

Composition Scheme

Rs. 4000

  • Quarterly working and Payment of GST
  • GSTR 4 Return

Other Packages

Rs. 10000 onwards

  • GSTR 1 Return
  • GSTR 3B Return
  • GSTR 9 Return
  • GSTR 9C Return


Under GST, every person or entity registered under GST would be required to file a GST return for the prescribed period. Even those entities having a GST registration but no activity would be required to file a GST Nil Return to stay compliant with GST regulations.

There would be no procedure or revision of a GST Return. All unreported invoices of the previous tax period must be included in the return for the current month and interest, if any would be applicable.

Under GST Regime Returns need to be filed everymonth . However in case of Composition dealers it has to be filed every quarter.

In case the taxpayer fails to file the GST returns within the specified date provided by the GST department, then taxpayer has to pay late fee along with interest @18%. The late fee will be Rs.20 per day if it is NIL return or else Rs 50 will be levied if you fail to furnish the return within specified date. Thus, it will come around Rs.25 under the CGST and again Rs.25 under the SGST. The total amount to be paid will be Rs.50 per day. The maximum late fee can be Rs.5000. The IGST do not charge any late fees.