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TDS is an abbreviated form of Tax Deducted at Source which is required to be deducted while making payment to parties at a given rate. There are some identified expenses/payments against which income tax department has prescribed a specific rate of deduction and the threshold limit on which it is required to be deducted.

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TDS return filing is the responsibility of anyone who is making a payment to somebody for products or services. The payment can be in the form of commission, salary, professional fees, brokerage, contract payments and so on.

TDS return is compulsory for those individuals whose accounts are audited. For other business entity it is applicable for all payments made to employees and vendors above certain threshold limit.

"Yes, TAN Number is the first Requirement to start filing TDS or even for deducting TDS. Without TAN if someone deducts TDS that business entity can be prosecuted. "

Due dates of submission of quarterly TDS Return is 31st July for Q1, 31st October for Q2, 31st January for Q3, and 31st May for last quarter.

"Payment can be made online on NSDL by selecting Challan 281 and making the payment using net banking. These TDS payments need to be made before filing the TDS return. "

Once tax is deducted the deductor should deposit the tax deducted with Central Government within time limit specified. If the payment has been made between April to February, then TDS is to be deposited on or before 7th of next month and if the same made in March, then TDS is to be deposited on or before 30th April